par geju laulībām

Turpinot lasīt interneta izdevumu AlterNet uzdūros vēl kādam interesantam rakstam. Šoreiz par geju, vai – pareizāk – par viendzimuma laulībām, un kā tās mainīs heteroseksuālās laulības. Iesaku izlasīt. Ne tikai tāpēc, ka rakstā minētais lielā mērā sakrīt ar manām domām.

Opponents of same-sex marriage talk about marriage as if it’s been an unchanging institution for thousands of years, one that can’t be altered even a little without risking its destruction. But this is clearly absurd. Marriage has been many different things in human history — radically different things. A property transfer from father to husband. A political and military alliance between nations. A means of producing and caring for children. A means of preserving a religion or race (think of the intense resistance throughout history to both interracial and interfaith marriage). A practical arrangement for keeping a family farm or business. A romantic love match that’s meant to last until death. A spiritual bond that’s meant to last for eternity. And more. And any combination of any of these.

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